October 23, 2018

The Doctors show “warning about DIY Fecal Transplant” a response

Recently “The Doctors” TV show aired a piece about (do-it-yourself) DIY fecal transplants which included some b-roll from my DIY fecal transplants YouTube video. I gave the show permission to use my footage before knowing how the show was going to approach this issue. However, I was disappointed by the way in which DIY fecal […]

DIY FMT success for a 12 year old

Here is a comment on my video on YouTube which was posted awhile back by Kasey Vandertol. I am grateful that I can help people get better through my video, ebook and correspondence. “I need to finally post and tell you how very grateful my entire family is for your helpful and informative video. Doing […]

Pro-biotics and FMT question

Here is a letter I got from one of my readers recently that is currently using at home fecal transplants to treat their case of Ulcerative Colitis. Hello Michael, I’m writing to you all the way from Denmark. I stumbled across your fmt video on YouTube and got your ebook. I must say I’m very […]

How to DIY fecal transplants at home

Here is my YouTube video on how to perform fecal microbiota transplants (FMT) at home which has over 65,000 views and has gained significant media coverage exposure over the last 3 years. It should be noted that even when a doctor is involved in the process for guidance and testing, when treating  chronic illnesses like […]

Video: How did you know Fecal Transplants were working?

In this question during an interview on the show Health Matters I describe how I knew I was getting better while using Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT) to cure my case of Ulcerative Colitis in combination with other treatments.

Fecal Transplants started for daughter’s Ulcerative Colitis

The following is from an ongoing discussion with one of the readers of my ebook on using fecal transplants to cure Ulcerative Colitis. Her 17 year old daughter has struggled with Clostridium Difficile and had been hospitalized to deal with severe inflammation and blood loss. Her Gastroenterologist recommended surgery. However the mother wants to continue […]

Fecal Microbiota Transplant interview on Fox 5 TV DC

My experience using Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT) to cure Ulcerative Colitis aired on Fox 5 TV in Washington, DC last night!  It is great to see that the news is getting out there about how this treatment approach can make a life changing difference. I would caution that while this story provided a great overview there is […]

Michael’s success story is featured in book: Good News for People with Bad News

Michael Hurst’s success using fecal transplants has been included in the book “Good News for people with Bad News: Recovery Stories Everyone Must Know About” by Nyema Hermiston. The book includes encouraging and touching stories of recovery from a wide range of chronic and life-threatening illnesses, from cancer and autoimmune diseases to debilitating allergies and pain. After […]

Fecal transplants for Ulcerative Colitis success

Here is another email from one of my readers who feels that they have been cured of Ulcerative Colitis using fecal transplants also known as fecal microbiota transplant (FMT). I am grateful that by sharing my experience I have been able to contribute to others. Note that you will want to do your own research and […]

Fecal Transplant Autism success story

Here is a recent conversation with one of my readers about how fecal transplants hae helped her son’s autism. Michelle: Hey Michael! I’m a parent of an autistic child. My husband and I saw your video how to do FMT back a few months ago. And now We did it!!!! We already started FMT and have done 4 […]

FMT safe donor bank fundraiser

Fecal microbiota transplant is the most effective treatment for Clostridium Difficile and can help other illnesses like idiopathic Ulcerative Colitis like it did for me. However finding a safe, suitable donor for this can be difficult for many people. This fundraising campaign seeks funds to help create a bank of safe donors who have undergone […]

Fecal Transplants: Is sterile saline necessary for FMT?

Hi, I read through your fecal transplant guidebook, today was my first day and all seemed ok (I’ve been through worse ha).  One question though … I mixed 2 cups water with 1 tsp salt to make the saline … does this calculation seem correct to you?  And why do we need the salt?  I […]

Can fecal transplants treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Hi Michael, I just purchased and read your ebook on how to do fecal transplants yourself and have some questions. My husband struggled for years from terrible acid reflux. It was so bad it affected his dental health. He was put on a proton pump inhibitor and that seem to stop the acid but increased […]

Why don’t doctors suggest FMT to treat Ulcerative Colitis

Mike, I’m sure you get dozens of emails, but I thought I’d send one anyway.   Like many others, I stumbled across your website and watched your video.  It makes sense to me, but am very skeptical to try this.  Can you say with complete honesty that it works?  Why don’t doctors suggest using fecal transplants […]

Fecal Microbiota Transplant to treat Clostridium Difficile PSA

Here is a Public Service Announcement I recorded at the conclusion of a TV interview awhile back to encourage awareness of Fecal Transplants to treat Clostridium Difficile Bacteria.   “Hi I’m Michael Hurst, I used fecal transplants to treat and cure myself of Ulcerative Colitis. However I want to briefly talk about another condition that […]

Another success story for fecal transplants for Ulcerative Colitis

Here is yet another success story. Notice that making sure the content from the fecal transplant enema getting all the way through all parts of the large intestine is key. While I can’t say for sure if doing more than one enema a day is necessary, I think it underscores the willingness of those who […]

Fecal Transplants: How to do it yourself video

In this video I demonstrate step by step do it yourself fecal transplants. Fecal transplants also known as fecal microbiota transplants (FMT) are highly effective for treating Pseudomembraneous Colitis caused by Clostridium Difficile (c. diff.) bacteria with a nearly 100% success rate. They can also be used to successfully treat chronic Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Ulcerative […]

Can poop pills treat Clostridium Difficile and candida?

Hello Michael, I have had candida for ten years after an appendix op rendering septicemia and living with an open wound for 8 months. Recently a leg ulcer that got seriously infected with strep b and then pseudomonas antibiotics for over a month lead to C Diff that is recurring not responding to Flagyl antibiotic […]

Fecal Transplants frozen just as successful as fresh

Here is some good news for people who don’t have a donor close to where they live. A pilot study by Massachusetts General Hospital (MGH) investigators may lead to greater availability and acceptability of an unusual treatment for a serious medical problem – use of fecal material from healthy donors to treat recurrent diarrhea caused […]

Fecal Transplant Advice: Is my daughter a suitable donor for treating my eosinophillic colitis

Here is a long discussion with several messages back and forth ` Hi Michael, I am wanting to ask if you think my daughter (aged 5 years old) would be a suitable donor for me? I know that you have written about this in your book, and suggest that she might be too young to […]