October 23, 2018

Can poop pills treat Clostridium Difficile and candida?

Hello Michael, I have had candida for ten years after an appendix op rendering septicemia and living with an open wound for 8 months. Recently a leg ulcer that got seriously infected with strep b and then pseudomonas antibiotics for over a month lead to C Diff that is recurring not responding to Flagyl antibiotic treatment. I am struggling with both candida and C Diff which is a guttural nightmare. I do not want to try the next big antibiotic but need to treat the C Diff and then get on to deal with finding a balance with the candida. My question is -If I should do the do fecal transplants myself using home made “poop pills” how often does it need to be done?

I live in Toronto Canada and I thought you might like to know that there are Doctors experimenting and performing the “Repoopulate” procedure here. Dr. Emma Allen Vercoe at University of Guelph has developed a way to clean the donors fecal matter and filling a capsule to be taken orally. I have not found out what the process is and think that it is in clinical trial state therefore do not think this will be an option.

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Hi Cynthia, To effectively treat Clostridium Difficile you may only need to do this once or perhaps a few times. A doctor would be helpful in that they can use a colonoscope to deliver the mixture all the way up your large intestine and they can also help by writing prescriptions to test your donor and for medications that can also help treat the illness. As you mention capsules filled with fecal matter are an alternative to enemas / colonoscope as well. However based on the research I have read I don’t think these procedures are any more effective for c. diff than just mixing some stool and administering the mixture as an enema.

“Repoopulate” sounds like a great idea and I met Dr. Vercoe at the Human Microbiome Conference in Bethesda, MD last July. The idea of isolating and only using the bacteria that are most helpful  is quite sound and could potentially make results more streamlined and convenient. Poop pills could be helpful by eliminating the hassle of having to use enemas. These capsules could be made yourself by filling empty gelatin capsules with stool. The fastest way to go about the fecal transplants would probably be to do it yourself if you have your own healthy donor. Other than using repoopulate, you would most likely have to find your own donor even if you are having a doctor do the procedure yourself. I would personally avoid the poop pills if possible since there may be a risk of infection to parts of the GI tract above the colon.

The fecal transplant stands a good chance of treating the candida as well as c. diff. Basically replacing the bacteria in your gut will most likely fix any problems that stem from bacterial or fungal problems in the large intestine. I go into a little more detail in my book including a donor questionnaire, but basically you mix poop from a healthy person with enough water / sterile saline so that you can administer it as an enema. Before you do the enemas themselves you might consider a colon cleanse similar to that before a colonoscopy and various doctors recommend pre-treating with a course of antibiotics, however based on what I have read pre-treating with antibiotics is not really necessary when treating c. diff.

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Hi Michael, I appreciate you getting back to me. I am still in limbo and the C Diff has not yet come back a third time. Having struggled with Candida for over 10 years I am still interested to try this. I went to our infectious disease specialist and he has me on the track for a clinic that do the procedure here in Toronto. They will test my husband (as the donor) and then do the colonoscopy method. II f the C Diff does not return I am not a candidate for the clinic. Thinking in terms of suffering with Candida for over 10 years I am still interested perhaps doing it myself (which my naturopath suggested) to bring the gut into a balance. I have eye infections, constant fungal sores under my breasts and in the groin area, what a pleasure it would be to be free from that horrible yeast. I had to be on Florastor for weeks after the antibiotics and though that is a different yeast than the candida I had and have thrush in the mouth and need to take oral Nystatin now which is not eradicating the candida. Thank you for your input. As a fellow gut problem girl I appreciated your well done video and will try this if the yeast will not settle down. Many thanks, Cynthia Moore