October 23, 2018

Pro-biotics and FMT question

Here is a letter I got from one of my readers recently that is currently using at home fecal transplants to treat their case of Ulcerative Colitis. Hello Michael, I’m writing to you all the way from Denmark. I stumbled across your fmt video on YouTube and got your ebook. I must say I’m very […]

Fecal Transplants started for daughter’s Ulcerative Colitis

The following is from an ongoing discussion with one of the readers of my ebook on using fecal transplants to cure Ulcerative Colitis. Her 17 year old daughter has struggled with Clostridium Difficile and had been hospitalized to deal with severe inflammation and blood loss. Her Gastroenterologist recommended surgery. However the mother wants to continue […]

Fecal Transplant Autism success story

Here is a recent conversation with one of my readers about how fecal transplants hae helped her son’s autism. Michelle: Hey Michael! I’m a parent of an autistic child. My husband and I saw your video how to do FMT back a few months ago. And now We did it!!!! We already started FMT and have done 4 […]

Fecal Transplants: Is sterile saline necessary for FMT?

Hi, I read through your fecal transplant guidebook, today was my first day and all seemed ok (I’ve been through worse ha).  One question though … I mixed 2 cups water with 1 tsp salt to make the saline … does this calculation seem correct to you?  And why do we need the salt?  I […]

Can fecal transplants treat Irritable Bowel Syndrome?

Hi Michael, I just purchased and read your ebook on how to do fecal transplants yourself and have some questions. My husband struggled for years from terrible acid reflux. It was so bad it affected his dental health. He was put on a proton pump inhibitor and that seem to stop the acid but increased […]

Why don’t doctors suggest FMT to treat Ulcerative Colitis

Mike, I’m sure you get dozens of emails, but I thought I’d send one anyway.   Like many others, I stumbled across your website and watched your video.  It makes sense to me, but am very skeptical to try this.  Can you say with complete honesty that it works?  Why don’t doctors suggest using fecal transplants […]

Can poop pills treat Clostridium Difficile and candida?

Hello Michael, I have had candida for ten years after an appendix op rendering septicemia and living with an open wound for 8 months. Recently a leg ulcer that got seriously infected with strep b and then pseudomonas antibiotics for over a month lead to C Diff that is recurring not responding to Flagyl antibiotic […]

Fecal Transplant Advice: Is my daughter a suitable donor for treating my eosinophillic colitis

Here is a long discussion with several messages back and forth ` Hi Michael, I am wanting to ask if you think my daughter (aged 5 years old) would be a suitable donor for me? I know that you have written about this in your book, and suggest that she might be too young to […]

Q & A: How are you doing two years after doing fecal transplants for Ulcerative Colitis

Here is another response to one of my readers who contacted me through the website. Hi Michael, I’m very inspired by your story and check in on your website frequently.  My 14 yo DD has an auto-immune disorder which has no known cause or cure according to her doctors. Her functional tests indicate sibo, gut dysbiosis, leaky […]

Frozen stool for FMT: Is it safe and effective?

Here is another letter to me about Hi, I saved some stool samples (prepped fecal slurry) prior to antibiotic use for an autologous/self fecal transplantation. The samples have been frozen at -20 (home deep freezer) for just over 3 months time. I would still like to utilize them, but have  not been able to find […]

What supplements and medications to use with FMT?

Hi Michael, My name is (withheld for privacy) and you spoke with my mom around 3 months ago about using Fecal Transplants as a treatment for UC. I was diagnosed with UC about 8 years ago (when I was a senior in high school). After my diagnosis, I went into remission for roughly 4 years with Pentasa, but […]

How does an FMT donor’s diet affect the recipient?

Here is another question from one of my readers. Q: Hi Michael, Thanks for sharing your story and information. I have been unsuccessful in finding clear information about how the food that an FMT donor eats might effect the recipient. I understand that gluten should be avoided with IBS but should the donor also avoid […]

Human Microbiota and ADHD: Reader comments and Q&A

Hi Michael, The message below was originally written in response to your article on ‘The Power of Poop’, where I came across your story. If you have the time to answer my message, I of course hope that you will do it on that website, so that other interested people will be able to gain […]

Fecal Transplants treating c. diff: conversation with a reader

The following is a conversation over email with a person who bought my book about how to use fecal transplants to cure Ulcerative Colitis. For more information check out a copy of my book about how Fecal Transplant Cures Ulcerative Colitis However the information in my book will also help you if you are using fecal transplants to […]

Fecal Transplant Advice: How long to stay on mesalamine medication?

Q: I have been reading your blogs and articles and watching videos on you tube. I have had UC for past 5-6 years and last month I finally decided to do FT. I have been on Mesalmine medication for few years on and off. I like ulternate treatments instead. Recently I had my colonoscopy done […]

Fecal Transplant question: Where can I get a rectal syringe and how much poop should I use for the enema

Q: I was hoping you could tell me where to get a rectal syringe? Also, how much fecal matter should I be using?   A: Hi, thank you once again for getting a copy of my ebook, Poop Power: How one man used fecal transplants to cure himself of Ulcerative Colitis and how you can too. Not only […]

Question about the use of Fecal Transplant for stomach issues

Here is a question from a reader of my site submitted through the contact form. Q: Hi, I have stomach issues about a year ago. Original symptom was that I felt bloated ONLY after eating. Went to a doctor, did a blood test, was prescribed with antibiotics with pph for 2 weeks. All my symptoms […]

What are the risks of Fecal Transplants for treating Ulcerative Colitis?

Question: When I first mentioned fecal transplants to  few close friends and family it created quite a stir. Beyond just the “ick” factor, a doctor talked about the risks of infectious diseases and a biologist expressed concern over changing the gut flora in the body, given all of the factors it is involved in. However I […]

How can I stop the bleeding from Ulcerative Colitis?

Q: We are dealing with some blood in my daughter’s poop again, after almost a year of remission from Ulcerative Colitis following several weeks of fecal microbiota transplants (FMT) administered at home in consultation with a doctor.  We’ve decided now to try a course of Vancomycin.  If that doesn’t work, I am looking into other […]

Fecal Transplant for Ulcerative Colitis – how many do you need to do?

How many Fecal Transplants do I need to do? One question I have often gotten is how many Fecal Transplants do I need to do and for how long. Since until very recently very few doctors would perform the Fecal transplant procedure (also known as Fecal Microbiota Transplants, Fecal Enemas and several other names) in […]

Bupropion as a treatment for Ulcerative Colitis

This article is about drugs that can help work with Fecal Transplants to make them more effective for Ulcerative Colitis. It grew out of several responses I have written to emails from people who have visited this site. What dramatically tipped the illness in my favor was when I started taking the anti-depressant drugs Bupropion […]

Fecal Transplant: Slow diarrhea and urgency so good bacteria can colonize

Q: How do I slow diarrhea with my case of Ulcerative Colitis? At this point I am having a hard time and there are sudden urges and bloating that I can often barely make it to the bathroom most of the time. What do you recommend I do with my diet, are their any drugs […]

How do I get my donor screened for Fecal Transplant?

This is a question I have been asked a few times before. How did I get my donor screened? I ended up NOT having any testing done, simply because I realized from my donor’s medical history and the incidence of such cases within the U.S. (epidemiology) that there was basically no chance that they had […]

How do you select a donor for Fecal Transplant?

I recently got a question from a reader about selecting a donor to do the Fecal Transplant for Crohn’s Disease or Ulcerative Colitis. Q: Can you post something about how you collected a sample from a friend?  I am mortified about the social part.  I would also like to make it the physical process as […]