February 23, 2018

Contact about fecal transplants

Please use this form to contact me about fecal transplants:
– If you were unable to download your copy of the ebook after purchase
– If you have purchased my ebook and have additional questions or comments as a patient or care giver
– You would like to request a personal phone coaching call which is available at an additional cost
– If you are with the media for more information and interview requests

Before writing to me with any questions for advice please purchase and review my ebook, it includes answers to most common questions about how to how to safely perform fecal transplants at home, however I will also answer any additional questions that you may have. If possible please include as much of the following information as you can when you write to me. For the best response it is helpful to have some information such as:
– What illness and how long have you or the patient had it?
– What happened immediately before the illness symptoms first became obvious or were formally diagnosed?
– Are there any other medical conditions / symptoms in addition to the primary illness?
– What types of treatment approaches have you attempted and for how long? Including prescription drugs / surgery / diet / dietary supplements / herbal or pro-biotic supplements / other alternative approaches

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