October 23, 2018

DIY FMT success for a 12 year old

Here is a comment on my video on YouTube which was posted awhile back by Kasey Vandertol. I am grateful that I can help people get better through my video, ebook and correspondence.

“I need to finally post and tell you how very grateful my entire family is for your helpful and informative video. Doing diy fmt put our 12 year old son in remission for 1.5 years (no blood, no pain, no meds). Recently his symptoms came back due to a CMV virus induced flare up. This landed him into the hospital for 12 awful days. We went home with no change in his symptoms, but I pushed to get him off the IV meds and on oral meds so we could continue care from home. Once home, we had him do daily rounds of FMT. 6 days later, (today) he is symptom free. No pain, no blood. He went from weak, 67lbs, filling the toilet with blood; to riding his bike, swimming and gaining his strength and weight back. We will be doing booster FMT’s every 6 months as we go into the future. As his mother, it is deeply painful to see him in such agony, falling into hopelessness. This is an answer to prayer. May Jesus bless you and your mission to save others from despair. All our love.”