October 23, 2018

Why don’t doctors suggest FMT to treat Ulcerative Colitis


I’m sure you get dozens of emails, but I thought I’d send one anyway.   Like many others, I stumbled across your website and watched your video.  It makes sense to me, but am very skeptical to try this.  Can you say with complete honesty that it works?  Why don’t doctors suggest using fecal transplants to treat Ulcerative Colitis?

– C

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Hi C,

Thank you for writing to me and yes I do get dozens of emails, although I do try to answer all of them and I’m just finally catching up a little today. Yes I can honestly say it worked for me, and I know of many others that it has also worked for, that’s why would I am working to get the message out there. Hopefully I prevent people who are in the situation I was in from having un necessary surgery or having to deal with severe side effects from drugs which sent me to the hospital for a few days.  As you may have seen in the video or read on my site or ebook I was facing surgery after 12 years of illness that was treatment resistant, however I beat Ulcerative Colitis 3 years ago using a combination of fecal transplants, prescription drugs and dietary supplements and I’m doing fine now, actually better than before I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. Although it took some time to really accept that after so many years of illness the cure for me could really be that simple.

I was skeptical too when I read Dr. Borody’s article in the Journal of Gastroenterology that documented 6 cases treatment-resistant Ulcerative Colitis which had been successfully and apparently permanently treated using fecal transplants. Why wouldn’t my doctors have known about this when it was in their own journal of record by a fellow MD and was documented with medical tests? However it made sense to me since antibiotics like Cipro and Vancomycin had sometimes helped make me better in my case when other drugs did not. Also probiotics like VSL #3 could help reduce inflammation, however they were not always helpful and the benefits stopped after you stopped taking them because they used bacteria cultured from dairy which was not native to the human body. It only made sense that fecal transplants as the ultimate pro-biotic would help and at some point could be self-sustaining.

Consider also that symptoms of idiopathic Ulcerative Colitis are often similar to those caused by Clostridium Difficile (c. diff) or other gastrointestinal infections. Fecal transplants are known to be highly effective at treating c.diff, however while this has been known for many years and is just now becoming acceptable medical practice. In fact the FDA still technically bans it except where there is informed consent from the patient and currently the FDA has prohibited the use of fecal transplants for anything other than to treat Clostridium Difficile, so now doctors can legally or ethically do it or advise someone to do it in the U.S. right now. So that is why doctors aren’t recommending fecal transplants to treat Ulcerative Colitis – because they can’t.

Also take for example that it took almost 20 years from when Australian doctors first discovered that stomach ulcers were caused by h. pylori bacteria that they could be treated using antibiotics until American doctors accepted this treatment approach as valid and recommended by the FDA.

Currently there are many ongoing studies about using fecal transplants to treat IBS and there is more research is being published each week. Here is one that just came out the other day: Fecal Transplants for IBD Show Mixed Results in Trials

However to increase success rates it is my belief that fecal transplants need to continue for a longer period of time than most current studies and that it needs to be combined with prescription drugs an dietary supplements not just tested as a stand-alone treatment. This is based on what I learned from the doctors I consulted with before doing it myself and from those of my readers. I cover all of these topics about what helped me use fecal transplants to treat and cure my case of Ulcerative Colitis and how you too can do it in my ebook.