October 23, 2018

Fecal Transplant Autism success story

Here is a recent conversation with one of my readers about how fecal transplants hae helped her son’s autism.

Michelle: Hey Michael!

I’m a parent of an autistic child. My husband and I saw your video how to do FMT back a few months ago. And now We did it!!!! We already started FMT and have done 4 so far. Tomorrow is going to be our 4th transplant! We did some adaptations to your method to custom fit his needs. We already see great improvements in 1. Social, 2. Learning and 3. Comunication skills.

On the 3rd time, I forgot to put salt and my son reacted better actually. Why did you add salt?

– – –
Michael: That was what the doctor’s methods were that I saw. However I now believe it is probably not necessary.
Salt could have a laxative effect, so your experience makes sense.
– – –

Michelle: Yes! that’s what I noticed! With no salt, my son went from just one soft stool back to normal stool.
With salt it takes 3 days or 3 or 4 stool until normal stool! Oh. Also, without the salt, the transplant stayed in longer too, over a day!
– – – – –
I will be forever thankful to you, Michael! If it wasn’t for your DIY video and ebook, I wouldn’t know HOW TO DO IT! THANK YOU!!! Pretty soon my son will be talking and I’ll make a video of him thanking you! 🙂 I’m going to pm you on Facebook with my son’s latest Organic Acids Results and how clostridium level is at the lowest level! From 150 down to 07!

but again… every autistic child is different. Anyways… thank you for your feedback. And thank you for your video. it’s healing my son for sure!

– – –

My son just started talking.

Simple sentences.

Joey says sentences now, when he feels like it. His favorites are: “I go. / I go up. / I go back. / I know. / I want. / I don’t want.” Major progress for someone that was at the height of his autism completely silent. Definitely a fecal transplant autism success story.

– – –