October 23, 2018

Fecal Transplant guide book

Has Clostridium Difficile infection, Ulcerative Colitis or other digestive disease left you feeling hopeless, and you have run out of other options? 

Have medical treatments been ineffective at controlling Colitis and left you with side effects that are unpleasant and potentially dangerous? 

Have you tried almost every herbal supplement, special diet or alternative treatment option that you can find or that well-meaning friends and family have tried, and they still haven’t worked? 

My name is Michael Hurst and by December 2010 I was out of options 12 years after being diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis and had been referred for surgery. I had tried almost every available treatment a doctor could prescribe and every special diet and supplement I knew of. However nothing seemed to work for very long without the flares coming back. I was also getting eaten alive by health costs, even with insurance out of pocket costs were well into the thousands of dollars each year, and there was no end in sight. 

Michael-H-pictureMy Gastroenterologist told me that long term treatment with steroids was not a viable option and that surgery was my last treatment option. At this point I was tired and discouraged, it seemed hopeless dealing with an illness that was “incurable.” The best I could hope for was remission where the illness would most certainly come back again. The doctor and various health authorities I read said the surgery was a “cure” for Ulcerative Colitis, and it appeared to be a way out of this constant struggle. However, I was afraid. What would happen without a colon? 

As my surgery date approached, I started to get a little better and tapered off of Prednisone, thanks in part to some nutritional supplement recommendations made by the colo-rectal surgeon at Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, FL who was going to remove my large intestine. Then just a few days before surgery my Mom handed me a printout of the Wikipedia entry for Ulcerative Colitis that would forever change my life and lead me to a solution to Ulcerative Colitis. The article referred to an article in the Journal of Gastroenterology where a doctor had successfully treated several patients of Ulcerative Colitis using fecal transplants!

I stayed up all night reading as much as I could about fecal transplants. Fecal transplants as I call them, are also known as Fecal Microbiota Transplant, stool transplant, fecal enemas, fecal bacteriotherapy and Human Pro-biotic Infusion among other names. I had previously heard about their use to treat Pseudomembranous Colitis caused by Clostridium Difficile (c. diff) bacteria however this was the first time I had heard about fecal transplants being used to treat Ulcerative Colitis. The medical journal articles by Dr. Borody in Australia documented several severe cases of Ulcerative Colitis where all symptoms and evidence of inflammation were now absent. The patients had been symptom-free for at least five years without any medication. The absence of symptoms without ongoing treatment, essentially a cure, sounded too good to be true, my doctors and said this illness was incurable. How could it be that my doctors never mentioned this as a possible treatment option? I began to wonder were they telling me everything about the “cure” that surgery would offer to me.

Up to that point, I had relied on my doctors for my treatment and become resigned to the fact that there was no cure and that there really wasn’t anything I could do about this illness. I weighed my options. Try fecal transplants now and see if they helped make a significant difference like they did for patients in the study. Or should I just go with the surgery. If I went with surgery, there were known side effects, and most importantly it was irreversible. It wouldn’t matter if a “cure” or better treatment was discovered in the future, I would already be without a colon. However even if the fecal transplants did not help I could always try the surgery in the future since I did not have any perforations in my bowels. Ultimately the choice seemed clear to me, I used the fecal transplants along with medications and dietary supplements to beat this illness. I have documented my story and helped give detailed so that you too can try this life-changing treatment approach. 

My ebook “Poop Power: Fecal Transplant cures Ulcerative Colitis” available in electronic form as an ebook in PDF format, details my experience with Ulcerative Colitis and how I ended up using self-administered Fecal Transplant (enemas) to treat and ultimately cure myself of the disease. I say cure because my last flare suddenly stopped in July 2011. In the following months, I gradually tapered the drugs I was taking at the time. Since December 2011, I have been healthy without the use of any drugs or highly restrictive diets.  

Fecal transplants (also known as fecal bacteriotherapy, fecal microbiota transplant) are more commonly used to treat Clostridium Difficile (c diff) bacterial infection / overgrowth. This book will also show you step-by-step how to use this procedure to treat c. diff as well. I wrote this because I struggled with the impact of Ulcerative Colitis for over 12 years since being diagnosed at age 21.  A series of doctors told me that there was no cure and that it was very likely, almost inevitable that I would have surgery at some point. After trying almost every possible medical treatment, my doctor told me surgery was my only other option. You will see the course of events that lead to my pursuit of this treatment option and what I did to make this work. I have also included a step-by-step guide to performing this treatment yourself, answers to frequently asked questions and some additional background information on the illness and treatment options.

This book includes: 

  • How to safely perform Fecal Transplants at home using common household supplies that cost less than $50. 
  • Why treating the “symptoms” of Ulcerative Colitis can be an essential to treating the cause of the inflammation and which prescription drugs and supplements can help do that. 
  • Which common nutritional supplements have been proven to accelerate the process of mucosal healing and make Fecal Transplants effective more quickly. Ironically I learned this from the colorectal surgeon who would have removed my colon. 
  • How to choose a healthy donor, including a donor questionnaire from a doctor I consulted.
  • How to work with doctors and other health care providers. Medical science is still pioneering the use of FMTs as an experimental treatment and doctors face tight restrictions by the FDA and hospitals outside of a hand full of studies. Learn some things that doctors are legally allowed to do that can help you.
  • Answers to frequently asked questions about fecal transplants and what you can expect on the path to recovery. 
  • Which prescription drugs can help alleviate symptoms and aid your recovery, that are NOT normally prescribed for digestive disease.
  • An outline of different treatment approaches to Ulcerative Colitis prescribed by doctors, which ones can work alongside fecal transplants, why they work, why they don’t work and the side-effects. 
  • Follow up answers to individual questions from the author is included with the purchase of this book. This is a rare opportunity to talk to someone who has been there themselves and helped guide hundreds of others to successfully treat themselves.

Here is a summary of the contents of the book

Part 1: My Story      My path to healing which led to me to try almost every possible treatment option including Prednisone, Mesalamine, Remicade, anti-biotics, pro-biotics, diets, dietary supplements to finally performing fecal transplants myself after I struggled to find a doctor willing to do them.

Part 2: Making the decision you really want to be well           This part addresses the mental aspects of healing at a practical level. Having the right attitude and state of mind for healing is crucial to overcoming chronic illness.

Part 3: Step by Step how to do Fecal Transplants  

A step-by-step guide for doing fecal transplants yourself at home. The steps include how to find a healthy donor, how to prepare your body, which supplies you need, medications and supplements that will help speed the process and alleviate symptoms.

Part 4: Frequently Asked Questions       Extensive FAQ on questions I have gotten from readers from my website. If you can’t find the answer to your question here, just send me an email, and I will answer it.

Part 5: What causes Ulcerative Colitis?  There are many various theories of what causes Inflammatory Bowel Disease, although doctors in the United States treat this as an autoimmune disease. This section gives an explanation for why fecal transplant work inflammation, bacteria and explains why fecal transplants are effective at treat this illness.

Part 6: Treatment Options / Methods  This section contains an extensive list of all of the various treatment options and approaches for Ulcerative Colitis. While this list is not completely exhaustive, it covers immune-suppressant / modifying medications, anti-inflammatories, herbal supplements, dietary supplements, special diets, anti-depressants, fecal transplants and even surgery (although it is my belief that these are often unnecessary except in certain acute cases.)

Fecal Transplant Donor Questionnaire  A basic questionnaire to help you identify a donor that is highly likely to be free of certain diseases transmittable through blood or stool. Although testing for transmittable diseases is strongly advised, this questionnaire will identify a donor who is highly likely to be safe.     

Buy Now as an ebook in PDF format for just $24.95

 Now, you might be thinking, if this is such a great cure, why isn’t everyone doing it. Or maybe great it worked for you, but what about others?

Well, it has worked for many people, research is ongoing, and, unfortunately, there are restrictions on when doctors can perform FMTs outside of limited studies. Here are some success stories from some of my readers who have kept in touch by writing comments on my site and by email. Many of these people were out of other options; the alternatives were either to continue suffering from an illness that was largely resistant to treatment or surgery to remove part of or all of their intestines. 

(from an email I received June 10, 2014) 

I´m close to finishing my fifth week of doing the enemas. A lot has changed as I’ve written before. Two to three stools a day, no diarrhea, no urgency, but lots of gas. I´m as proficient as a serial killer in preparing and cleaning up the crime scene now LOL Although the five weeks are almost over, I will continue to do the enemas for another couple of months. I´m re-reading your book to make sure again I haven´t missed anything, but so far it seems I´ve got it down to the details. Your book saved my freaking life! The will was never my problem – I would have always done anything to have my life back again and was on a strict 60g per day max low-carb diet without binging for over ten years – but – nothing worked except prednisone…it´s just incredible what happened and I sometimes I can´t believe it. I have to get adapted to living a normal life again because I was so accustomed to never eating before going anywhere. I´ll take my first trip after a long, long time to Chicago in August – Yay!!!

– DS 


And another success story, notice how this isn’t just a treatment but an actual cure! 

(from a comment submitted on 2014/06/02 at 9:42 pm)

Hello Michael, I’d like to say thanks for you posting this blog. Otherwise, my wife would have lost the battle to UC last year. She’s been dealing with a pancolitis since 1990 and in April of 2013 we were looking at alternatives to Remicade since it had no effect on her and actually made her more sick with the side effects. Her GI was hinting at having surgery to remove her colon because she was not responding to any UC meds. Prednisone was part of life since 2011. Taking it every six months to control flare ups but not sending her in remission.

In April 2013, we started the transplant, I was her donor. For her, the journey was longer, it took basically a year to get her in remission. For the first 8 weeks we had daily FMT, and then after that every 2 to 3 days or whenever she felt the symptoms we coming on stronger. The FMTs did the work, and it kept her UC at bay and with no medications whatsoever. Now since mid-April, she now longer takes FMTs, and she’s in remission. We haven’t seen this since the mid 2000s when the meds we’re somehow working. She’s got now a regular routine, no meds, no worries in public places, regular bowel movements. Like the saying says “Happiness is a good bowel movement” 🙂 I for one, was a skeptic of FMT, I didn’t think of it much at the time. I figured, “hey it’s free, why not try it out, we have nothing to lose.” So anyways thank you so much for this blog, I am sure this will help out a lot of people.


Some people have suffered from UC for many years and taken many different drugs, and this has helped them.

(comment submitted on 2014/05/28 at 7:33 pm)

Hi Mike,

I was diagnosed with UC almost 20 years ago. I had been treated for acne and chronic sinusitis for years with antibiotics. I don’t know if these had an effect on causing or contributing to my development of UC.

I spent about 6 of the 20 years on prednisone and all of the 20 on Asacol and Immuran.

Contracted c diff 4 times during the 20 years, always treated with Flagyl successfully. It was the last bout of c diff that caused me some fear and I started reading about treatment for c diff and how dangerous the disease was.

It was while searching the web that I came across your original blog. I was skeptical. I showed the study by Dr. Borody and some of your info to my doctor (two years ago). He was skeptical and didn’t recommend that I try it.

It took me two years and a moderately severe flare to work up the courage to try it. I travel a lot, so it was difficult to string together consecutive days.

My donor is my 11 year old son.

I have done 4 transplants so far. 50ml per. Just purified water, no saline.

I have done these over three weeks.

After the first week, I was almost back to having normal stool for the first time in about three years.

After week two I quit taking 5-asa pills. I was on the full dose three times per day. Also used suppositories and enemas as needed.

I was also severely (when I say severely I mean potential hospitalization) reactive to any microscopic dairy prior to the treatments. I hadn’t eaten cheese or milk chocolate in many many years.

At the beginning of week three, I began eating milk chocolate…. no adverse reaction…and I tried to test the limits;)

Two days ago I had a piece of Parmesan Reggiano (sorry for the spelling). Absolutely no reaction.

By all measures, I feel normal, which I haven’t been able to say for 20 years. Only 4 weeks ago I had the whole nine yards of trouble along with gas that made me unbearable to be around. Now….absolutely no gas, no pain, no bloating, no blood, no soft stools. I have had to increase my fiber intake a lot due to some constipation, which I never thought I would be saying.

I’m still on Immuran. I plan on trying to do four transplants per week over the next three weeks. I’ll attempt an exit from Immuran in a month or two if all continues to go well.

I am getting a slight rash on my face shortly after doing the transplant, but it has moderated with each successive transplant.

But Michael…….THANK YOU!!!! I give you credit for helping to pave the way for this treatment.



And yet another success story! 

(Comment submitted on 2014/05/08 at 12:59 pm) 

Hi just wanted to thank you again for all this information. Last year I was in bad shape, prednisone was working but only above 30 mg, they were talking about immune suppressants that idea never sat right with me. I started FMT last August for 2 weeks once every few days when my 5 year old went. Then I stopped and did it again about 2 months later this time I froze it so I could do 5 days straight. I think I stopped the drugs too quick as you did, so In November I started taking Lialda 1.2 x 2 again and for the first time in years that was enough to instantly stop it. No symptoms since then. Today I went for my first colonoscopy in years, and they couldn’t even find a trace of it! That’s when I told the doctor what I did and, of course, he looked at me like I was out of my mind. I’m still on the Lialda now but after hearing this I think I’m gonna drop it soon. Just wanted to share testimony of results with everyone!


If fecal transplants could work for me and work for these people, then it can work for you too! Whether you are doing these with help and guidance from a doctor or going it on your own, this is something where you need to be informed so you can do this safely and effectively.  

Buy Now as an ebook in PDF format for just $24.95 which you can instantly download. Also, get follow-up support by email along with the option for coaching by phone.