July 18, 2018

Fecal Transplants Cure Ulcerative Colitis book now available

“Fecal Transplant cures Ulcerative Colitis” the e-book is now here. Get your copy in electronic form and also get complimentary access to consultations with the author.

This book details my experience with Ulcerative Colitis and how I got to the point where I ended up using self-administered Fecal Transplant (enemas) to treat and ultimately cure myself of Ulcerative Colitis. I say cure because I have been healthy with normal bowel movements without any drugs or highly restrictive diets since December 2011. My digestive health is now better than it ever was even before I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis in 1999.  

I wrote this book because I struggled with the impact of Ulcerative Colitis for over 12 years.  I was repeatedly told there was no cure by doctors and that surgery was inevitable. After trying almost every possible medical treatment my doctor told me surgery was my only other option.

However 3 days before my surgery date I found an article by Dr. Thomas Borody “Treatment of Ulcerative Colitis using Fecal Bacteriotherapy” that detailed the effective treatment of Ulcerative Colitis using Fecal Transplant. Fecal transplants as I call them, are also known as Fecal Microbiota Transplant, stool transplant, fecal enemas, fecal bacteriotherapy and Human Pro-biotic Infusion among other names. I had previously heard about their use to treat Pseudomembranous Colitis caused by Clostridium Difficile bacteria however this was the first time I had heard them being used to treat Ulcerative Colitis.

In this book you will see the course of events which lead to my pursuit of this treatment option and what I did to make this work. I have also included a step-by-step guide to performing this treatment yourself, answers to frequently asked questions and some additional background information on the illness and treatment options. This includes: 

  • How to perform Fecal Transplants at home using common household supplies. 
  • How to accelerate the process and increase the liklihood of Fecal Transplants working more quickly using certain drugs and supplements. 
  • Nutritional tips to boost energy and speed healing of tissue that has been damaged by years of inflammation. 
  • How to choose a healthy donor, including a donor questionnaire 
  • Answers to frequently asked questions 
  • An outline of different treatment approaches to Ulcerative Colitis, why they work, why they don’t work and the side-effects. 
  • Follow-up access to Michael to answer any additional questions. 

Buy Now just $24.95 

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 Here is a full table of contents for my book.

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Table of Contents


Introduction 6


Part 1: My Story       8

The Beginning – life before the flare          8

First Colitis Flare and diagnosis       10

The anti-biotic Cipro brings about my first remission      11

I try diets for IBS       12

I try the drug Remicade / New Year’s Eve in the E.R.      15

A Shitty Story (literally)       15

Skin infection sends me to the hospital for 4 days           16

Anti-biotics to the rescue, again, for a moment     16

Finally preparing for surgery          17

I first hear about Fecal Transplant 20

I cancel Surgery to pursue Fecal Transplants       22

Success finding a doctor       22

I am introduced to a mentor           23

Finding a donor         25

Starting the Fecal Transplants        26

A trip to the psychiatrist I start taking Bupropion            29

It’s Gone! I’m cured! 31

A colonoscopy reveals further evidence that I was cured!           32

Continued good health and lessons learned         33


Part 2: Making the decision you really want to be well          34

Weighing the Pros and Cons           34

The challenges of being healthy instead of sick    38

The benefits of being a helpless victim      39

What is really standing in the way of good health?          42

Do you actually want to be healthy?           43

An exercise to change your mind to lead you to health   44


Part 3: Step by Step how to do Fecal Transplants        46

Find a donor  47

Prepare Your Body   48

Gather Your Supplies           49

Conclusion     55

The vicious self-perpetuating cycle of Inflammation        55


Part 4: Frequently Asked Questions       59

Why and how does Fecal Transplant work?          59

Why not just remove the “bad” or add “good” bacteria? 60

Why don’t anti-biotics permanently cure the condition? 61

Why do immune-suppressing drugs help?            62

Why are some diets sometimes helpful?    63

What do you think about the Specific Carbohydrate Diet?          64

Why does emotional distress appear to trigger a flare?   65

What research is available to support the use of Fecal Transplant for Ulcerative Colitis?       66

Can I do fecal transplants at home without a doctor?      67

Is there a risk that Fecal Transplants could trigger a flare?        68

How do I find an ideal donor?         68

Do I have to test my donor for every possible illness?     69

Are my intestines damaged beyond repair?          69

What if a flare starts while doing the fecal transplants?  70

Should I take medications that reduce stomach acid?      71

Should I change my diet during the fecal transplants?    71

Should my donor significantly change their diet? 71

How long will it take before I start to heal?           72

Why could it take longer for some people to respond to fecal transplants than others?         73

How do I get a flare under control so I can get started?  76


Part 5: What causes Ulcerative Colitis?  81

Auto immune Disorder         81

Emotional Stress       82

Nutrient deficiencies            82

Good Hygiene Theory           82

Is the immune system too strong or too weak?     83

Weakened Immune System 83

Infections – bacterial, viral, parasites         84


Part 6: Treatment Options / Methods     85

Mesalamine: Asacol, Apriso, Sulfasalazine etc.       85

Prednisone and other steroids        87

Immune suppressing “Biologic,” drugs Remicade etc.      89

Bupropion (Wellbutrin)       90

Other anti-depressant / anti-anxiety drugs?        90

Anti-biotics / Anti-bacterial / Anti microbial drugs          91

Types of Bacteria      92

Pro-biotics      95

Fecal Bacterial therapy / Human Probiotic Infusion        96

Diet and Nutrition     98

Specific Carbohydrate Diet (SCD)   98

GAPS or Elemental Diet        99

Gluten-free Diet        100

Digestive enzymes    101

Nutritional Supplements      101

Low Dose Naltexone 102

Herbal Supplements 103

Helminthic therapy using the whipworms            104

Suggested comprehensive treatment plan for a flare      104

What do I do if you’re having a flare          105

Treatment options during a flare   105


Fecal Transplant Donor Questionnaire 109


References    112

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