October 23, 2018

Fecal Transplants started for daughter’s Ulcerative Colitis

The following is from an ongoing discussion with one of the readers of my ebook on using fecal transplants to cure Ulcerative Colitis. Her 17 year old daughter has struggled with Clostridium Difficile and had been hospitalized to deal with severe inflammation and blood loss. Her Gastroenterologist recommended surgery. However the mother wants to continue to try fecal transplant as an alternative to surgery first.

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Hi Michael, We are doing 3rd infusion today. We went to GI pediatric appointment and doctor was worried about daughter’s weight loss. She weighs 92.5 pounds. In March she was 107 pounds.¬† She still has diarrhea for a week, going 4-5 times a day I think. Yesterday she had diarrhea that was white and so she wants to stop Muscle Milk today and see if that helps. Still doing early GAPS Diet ūüôĀ
Will FMT (Fecal microbiota transplant) work for us? So far maybe slight, barely noticeable improvement. She has a mild headache for 2 days.
I’m at eye doctor for some light flashes in my eyes. Just so much stress…
Sorry to vent, any insight or encouragement would be helpful.

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Hi there,

Congratulations on getting starting. The weight loss is something to worry about, so you’ll want to get her weight up. That’s actually how I originally discovered the Muscle Milk. My weight had stayed right about the same throughout my case of UC, until right near the end when I almost had surgery. My surgeon said I needed to regain weight and needed more protein, hence the shakes. I credit the protein shakes with allowing me to get healthy enough to even consider doing the FMTs instead of surgery.
The high amounts of pre-digested whey protein from Muscle Milk or another protein shake is essential for regaining weight and healing tissue. That said diarrhea sucks and the shake is a lot of liquid to absorb, so eating foods that help thicken stool / soak up water would be helpful to eat before or along with the shake.  However even if it appears to go right through her, the nutrients will be absorbed before it reaches the large intestine, so she is at least still getting necessary nutrition.
Diarrhea is likely to happen¬†given the state of her colon and the fact that the fecal transplants¬†are going to be seeding a whole new bacterial colony in the large intestine which is very different than what was there before. Her body’s immune system is goint to have to adapt while the bacteria also battle it out and form a stable colony. So you’ll just have to treat the diarrrhea as best you can and keep going.

The Fecal Transplants will work for you.

keep-goingIts not question of if, but when, although there will be some ups and downs and it could take some time, perhaps 6 weeks or longer depending on many factors including the amount of healing that needs to happen in the colon. Nevertheless as you know the illness itself can be bad no matter what, so it is worth the work to be done with Ulcerative Colitis permanently.
The first, most important step, ¬†towards beating a chronic illness such as then one is to make a determined, committed decision to beat it. So you’re already past the hardest step! ¬†When I was being treated with Remicade as patient in the hospital’s outpatient infusion clinic I saw how those who beat these chronic illnesses like cancer succeeded, it was solid determination to win, a warrior mentality with some humor and a sense of purpose that kept them going.¬†Also make sure your daughter continues to go about living her life, being in touch with friends and doing things that she finds meaningful and the same goes for you too! Life goes on even as you fight for it, so keep living well and fighting the good fight.
For more information on how to use fecal transplants for yourself get a copy of my ebook on how to use fecal transplants to successfully treat Ulcerative Colitis.