October 23, 2018

Poop Power: do-it-yourself guide from a man who cured himself of Ulcerative Colitis

Poop Power: Poop Power: A do-it-yourself guide from a man who cured himself of Ulcerative Colitis is now here. Get your copy today in electronic form.

This book details my experience with Ulcerative Colitis and how I got to the point where I ended up using self-administered Fecal Transplant (enemas) to treat and ultimately cure myself of the disease. I say cure because I resolved my last flare in July 2011 and have been healthy without any drugs or highly restrictive diets since December 2011.  Fecal transplants (also known as fecal bacteriotherapy, fecal microbiota transplant) are more commonly used to treat Clostridium Difficile (c diff) bacterial infection / overgrowth. This book will also show you step-by-step how to use this procedure for that as well.

I wrote this book because I struggled with the impact of Ulcerative Colitis for over 12 years since being diagnosed at age 21.  I was repeatedly told there was no cure by doctors and that surgery was inevitable. After trying almost every possible medical treatment my doctor told me surgery was last treatment option. However 3 days before my surgery date I found an article in the Journal of Gastroenterology that detailed the effective treatment of Ulcerative Colitis using Fecal Transplants Fecal transplants which are also known by many other names including Fecal Microbiota Transplant (FMT), stool transplant, fecal enemas, fecal bacteriotherapy and Human Pro-biotic Infusion among other names. I had previously heard about their success at treating Pseudomembranous Colitis caused by Clostridium Difficile bacteria however this was the first time I had heard them being used to treat Ulcerative Colitis.

I couldn’t believe the doctors had apparently overlooked this treatment option, while downplaying the longterm prognosis from surgery. So I cancelled surgery and after being unable to find doctors willing to do it for me I did it myself. Now two years later I am still symptom-free without any medications or special diets. This has truly changed my life and I consider myself cured given the amount of time I have been free of symptoms and any ongoing treatment used to maintain remission. In this book you will see the course of events which lead to my pursuit of this treatment option, what I did to make it work for me and how you too can do it yourself. I have included a step-by-step instructions to performing this treatment yourself, answers to frequently asked questions and some additional background information on the illness and treatment options. This includes.

  • How to perform Fecal Transplants at home using common household supplies that cost less than $50.
  • How to accelerate the process of healing and make Fecal Transplants work more quickly using certain drugs and supplements.
  • Nutritional tips to boost energy and speed healing of tissue that has been damaged by years of inflammation.
  • How to choose a healthy donor using the enclosed donor questionnaire
  • Answers to frequently asked questions
  • An outline of different treatment approaches to Ulcerative Colitis, why they work, why they don’t work and the side-effects.
  • Access to a video showing you step-by-step how to do the fecal transplants
  • Follow-up access to Michael to answer any additional questions or to be a sounding board.

Here is a summary of the contents of the book

Part 1: My Story     

My path to healing which led to me to try almost every possible treatment option including Prednisone, Mesalamine, Remicade, anti-biotics, pro-biotics, diets, dietary supplements to fecal transplants

Part 2: Making the decision you really want to be well          

This addresses the mental aspects of healing at a practical level. Having the right attitude and state of mind for healing is key to overcoming chronic illness.

Part 3: Step by Step how to do Fecal Transplants  

A step-by-step guide for doing fecal transplants yourself at home including a video. This will help whether you are using this to treat Clostridium Difficile infection, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn’s Disease or Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Steps include how to find a healthy donor, how to prepare your body, which supplies you need, medications and supplements which will help speed the process and alleviate symptoms, and what to anticipate during the healing process which depending on your case may mean some ups and downs on the path to success.

Part 4: Frequently Asked Questions      

Extensive FAQ on questions I have gotten from readers from my website. If you can’t find the answer to your question here just send me an email and I will answer it.

Part 5: What causes Ulcerative Colitis? 

There are many various theories of what causes Inflammatory Bowel Disease, although doctors in the United States generally treat this as an autoimmune disease. This section gives and explanation for why fecal transplant work inflammation, bacteria and  and explains why fecal transplants are effective at treat this illness.

Part 6: Treatment Options / Methods 

This section contains a extensive list of all of the various treatment options and approaches for Ulcerative Colitis. While this list is not completely exhaustive it covers immune-suppressant / modifying medications, anti-inflammatories, herbal supplements, dietary supplements, special diets, anti-depressants, fecal transplants and even surgery (although it is my belief that these are often un-necessary except in certain acute cases.)

Fecal Transplant Donor Questionnaire 

A basic questionnaire to help you identify a donor that is highly likely to be free of certain diseases that can be transmitted through blood or stool. Athough testing for transmittable diseases is strongly advised, this questionnaire will identify a donor who is highly likely to be safe.


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  1. Hi, thanks very much for your video. I’ve had UC for 29 yrs! I’d like to use my 5 year-old son’s poop but don’t know a good way to collect. You think taking out of toilet bowl is too risky for contamination?

    • No, you should not collect it from a toilet. Just use a potty training toilet or get him to poop in a Gladware container to collect a stool sample.

      • Bernaldo nieves says:

        Hi michael, my name is bernie.
        I think you are an anazing person.
        I have a question.
        Would a baby boy of 4 months be a good donor if he is healthy?

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