September 20, 2018

Fecal Transplant Advice: How long to stay on mesalamine medication?


I have been reading your blogs and articles and watching videos on you tube.
I have had UC for past 5-6 years and last month I finally decided to do FT.
I have been on Mesalmine medication for few years on and off. I like ulternate treatments instead.
Recently I had my colonoscopy done (I let my doctor know about FT and that I did it) and after procedure my doctor said my colitis is quite, there no signs of inflammation. I had FT done only one time 2 days before my colonoscopy. In total I did 3 times FT so far, every week I do one. my doctor said keep taking my medication mesalmine for 2 years and if there is no flare ups that I can stop it. I always resisted medicines so I just stopped it as soon as I did FT and I felt all good.

I was feeling fine for 4 weeks but looks like my symptoms has retuned….there is no blood or loose stool but I feel mild cramping, discomfort, nausea and dispersion….I work full time and have 2 kids…its a lot to have these symptoms even.

I am afraid and don’t know what to do next….my husband said we will do one enema today again and I should feel better. But I need to know if there is something else you would like to share.

Thank you



Hi Laks,

I also stopped taking mesalamine too soon after I started the fecal
transplants and started feeling better almost right away. Unfortunately  as I describe in
my ebook this appeared to prolong the amount of time needed to make this work. Although it did work when I did this in combination with other prescription drugs and certain supplements.

So I think your doctor’s advice is right to continue on the mesalamine, assuming of course you are not one of rare minority (less than 4%) who experience significant negative side effects. Although you may
not have to mesalamine for a whole two years, maybe more like a month or two of the suppositories and Apriso and then just Apriso (once a day capsules) for 6 months or so of no
symptoms and then start gradually tapering down the dose a little bit at a time for a few months. I would also do the fecal transplants for a longer period of
time while continuing the mesalamine. Maybe something like every day
for a week or so then 3 times a week for two weeks or so, then once a week
for a few more weeks up to about 6 weeks or so. If symptoms start to come back then increase the fecal transplants to fight the symptoms, along with drugs / supplements to calm the bowels. You might also consider putting fecal matter in
capsules, or even doubling the capsules one inside the other. The
capsules would be another way to get the mixture down there and get it
in from a top down approach, which may help it become better

I strongly believe that you have to get past a certain “tipping point”
if you will before discontinuing other treatments. Also take plenty of
whey protein shakes for awhile too, maybe up to 3 times a day or so.
The added protein will help your body more rapidly heal the tissues in
your gut as well and a healed gut barrier beyond just stopping the bleeding will help perpetuate even
more healing. For more info, check out my comprehensive approach
including drugs and supplements in my ebook


Best Wishes,