September 20, 2018

Fecal Transplant question: Where can I get a rectal syringe and how much poop should I use for the enema

Q: I was hoping you could tell me where to get a rectal syringe? Also, how much fecal matter should I be using?


A: Hi, thank you once again for getting a copy of my ebook, Poop Power: How one man used fecal transplants to cure himself of Ulcerative Colitis and how you can too. Not only does the book include my experience successfully using fecal transplants to treat Ulcerative Colitis but it is filled with step-by-step instructions along with many other helpful tips. You can get a rectal syringe at CVS, which is where I got mine for about $10, or probably at almost any drug store. As I mention in my book the amount of mixture I used the full content of a rectal syringe which is about 8 ounces.

I would use all of the fecal matter you got from one bowel movement and mix it all together knowing that you will have some extra left over. I would often just dump or scoop it all in the blender and then put in enough water to cover the surface of it. Generally this would be around 250 mL to almost 500 mL (about 16 oz) of saline / distilled water to your mixture and then just use the whole contents (8 oz.) of one syringe and then discard any left over mixture. Over time you might want to reduce the amount of water to make the mixture thicker. The goal is to make it liquid enough to easily move through the rectal syringe nozzle and up the colon, but not too watery which could make it more difficult to retain the enema mixture. The amount that you use doesn’t really have to be exact, the keys are to get the mixture as far up the colon as you can by lying on your left side then back then right side and then on your back again with your hips elevated. Then help retain it long enough for the new bacteria to start taking over.

Some ways to help retain the enema include taking Immodium (Loperamide) about an hour before you administer the enemas. Also consider drugs / supplements with psychoactive effects that can help calm any muscle spasms for a longer period of time including Valerian root extract or about 5 mg of Doxepin (a low dose of a tri-cylic anti-depressant prescribed to help with sleep) an hour or so before you plan to go to sleep that night whether you do the enemas at night before going to sleep or sometime during the day.