September 18, 2018

Michael’s success story is featured in book: Good News for People with Bad News

Michael Hurst’s success using fecal transplants has been included in the book “Good News for people with Bad News: Recovery Stories Everyone Must Know About” by Nyema Hermiston.
The book includes encouraging and touching stories of recovery from a wide range of chronic and life-threatening illnesses, from cancer and autoimmune diseases to debilitating allergies and pain. After conventional medicine failed to provide a treatment that was effective these brave survivors refused to give up and sought out alternative treatments that have worked. In some cases this saved them from a lifetime of struggle or even their lives.

In Michael’s case fecal transplants saved him from surgery to remove his entire colon (large intestine.) He has been free of this illness since 2011 and counting.

The book Good News for People with Bad News ebook for Kindle can be found on and the print edition on Nyema Hermiston’s website.

A more detailed acccount of Michael’s experience can be found in his book on how to use fecal transplants to cure Ulcerative Colitis.