September 20, 2018

Poop Power Radio Interview on WLVS Radio with Olivia Fox

WLVS_corporate_logo I am going to be interviewed about my experience using fecal transplants to cure my case of Ulcerative Colitis by longtime radio talk show host, Olivia Fox  on WLVS radio Tuesday Dec 17 at 3:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (U.S.) / 8:00 pm GMT. Tune it at

Man effectively cures himself of Ulcerative Colitis using self-administered fecal transplants at home after 12 years of illness

Does this sound too good to be true? Based on the prevailing treatment approach by doctors in the United States, yes it is. However that is rapidly changing as patients increasingly take responsibility for their own treatment by doing their own research and sharing experience through the internet. Michael found a solution to Ulcerative Colitis after his doctor gave him no other option than surgery to remove his colon. After failing to find a doctor that was willing to do fecal transplant he took matters into his own hands and did them himself. Now almost two years after he initiated this treatment Michael is still completely healthy and free of this illness.

In this interview Michael will share with listeners:

• His story about how he used self-administered fecal transplants to treat and effectively cure himself of Ulcerative Colitis when doctors gave him no other option than surgery.

• Step-by-step how anyone can do this using supplies that can be found at any drug store.

• How fecal transplants can effectively treat this illness even though medical research has still not defined the cause of  Ulcerative Colitis or Crohn’s Disease.

• Why Michael can say with confidence that he is “cured” even though Ulcerative Colitis is not currently defined by doctors in the U.S. as being curable.

• The science behind why fecal transplants work and the future of research and the wide range of illnesses that are currently being researched using fecal transplants.

• The surprising truth about the interdependent factors that contribute to the cyclical nature of digestive disease and how this impacts the course of the illness.

• How to turn the vicious, self-perpetuating cycle of illness into a virtuous cycle of health.

• How to find a good donor and what to say to a prospective donor.

• Which anti-depressant medications can make fecal transplants work faster and more effectively so you can do less of them and why they help.

• The nutritional advice he got from the colo-rectal surgeon that ironically helped him avoid surgery and speed the healing process during the fecal transplants.

In June and July 2011 after 12 years of suffering from Ulcerative Colitis that brought him to within days of irreversible surgery, Michael treated himself using fecal transplants. He has now been completely symptom-free for over 18 months without the use of any medications or special diets. Through this website and book on how to use fecal transplant to cure Ulcerative Colitis Michael has helped many others do the same for themselves and loved ones and routinely answers questions from his readers.