September 18, 2018

Q & A: How are you doing two years after doing fecal transplants for Ulcerative Colitis

Here is another response to one of my readers who contacted me through the website.

Hi Michael,

I’m very inspired by your story and check in on your website frequently.  My 14 yo DD has an auto-immune disorder which has no known cause or cure according to her doctors. Her functional tests indicate sibo, gut dysbiosis, leaky gut and mercury toxicity.  I have read a lot about FMT and i believe that her gut issues s the cause of her AI disease. I want to try FMT since I don’t want her to take prednisone or methotrexate.

So, FMT is my last resort. My question is the diet preparation.  When you were doing FMT, did you go on the Scd diet?  My DD has been on GF, mostly casein free diet on and off for 3+ years and she’s tired of being on a restricted diet with no results to show for it.  She has also taken all kinds of supplements prescribed by her functional MD.

Thank you.

Type of Contact: Patient or care giver

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Hi Sam,

I did not go back on SCD or gluten-free while doing these. As I describe in more detail in my book I actually went with a low residue diet instead. Slowing diarrhea seemed to actually be more helpful both for symptom-relief and to promote healing. The restrictive diets did not seem to be helpful and I believe they may have contributed to me not getting enough protein and other nutrients which actually made me worse. So now for over 3 years I have been done with them. The only things I think were really helpful were the protein shakes to help heal the mucosa, iron and b vitamins to combat fatigue due to blood loss and I later discovered Valerian root extract to calm down and get to sleep at night as well as slow diarrhea.
Otherwise it was a combination of fecal transplants and drugs that lead to my sustained recovery.