September 18, 2018

Another success story for fecal transplants for Ulcerative Colitis

Here is yet another success story. Notice that making sure the content from the fecal transplant enema getting all the way through all parts of the large intestine is key. While I can’t say for sure if doing more than one enema a day is necessary, I think it underscores the willingness of those who embark on this path to do anything and everything to beat their case of Ulcerative Colitis and restore themselvesf to good health. 

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Hi Michael,

I´ve been doing the enemas (fecal transplants) for a week by tomorrow – the change is incredible!
No diarrhea, no urgency, no blood, two to three hard stools a day – in just one week. And – I´ve eaten anything I wanted pizza, cake, etc…which was a bit tricky psychologically in the beginning, because I had believed that diet was the factor that caused it – now I know that´s not the case.

What a total and radical change in such a short amount of time! Unbelievable!
I´ve also gotten very effective at doing the enemas quick and without fuss and have upped the number of enemas to around 3 to 4 and then doing a yoga posture – the shoulder stand, alternating between lying on the left and right side, propped up.

Absolutely incredible! Thanks again for writing your book and doing the Youtube walkthrough video!!!!!!
Totally changed my freakin´life already!!!!!!